St George :(

The real St George did not kill a dragon. He also was nothing to do with England. He was a Roman with parents from Turkey and Syria, who died in Palestine. However we are still deeply troubled by the (incorrect) imagery around St George’s Day which promotes violence against dragons.

As we all know: dragons are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence.

Though it has little to do with the real St George, the way St George’s Day is ‘celebrated’ in the UK is barbaric and offensive. ‘Traditional’ is not the same as ‘acceptable’. If you’re #TeamDragon and want to find out more about these beautiful, often misunderstood creatures, please browse this website for more information.

We are also making an effort to record and report all acts of violence against dragons to the relevant authorities. Unfortunately we have had to create a category especially for it: violence against dragons.