Ddraig Goch, London Welsh Centre

Sign reading 'London Welsh Centre' on a brick wall, with a Red Dragon on it

New submission from @grouchomerckx. The classic Ddraig Goch (literally ‘red dragon’, in Latin the Rufus Cambrica, also known as the Welsh Red) originates in Wales, but the Draig Goch has been living in London for hundreds of years, too. We hear there’s a thriving population of this colourful type of dragon at the London Welsh Centre.

Have you been lucky enough to spot a London dragon in the wild? See a dragon: snap a dragon. Send us the picture and let us know where you found it. (We are serious scientists studying habitats, populations and nesting habits of dragons of London).

Species: Ddraig Goch, Welsh Genus

Appearance: Red Dragon

Location: London Welsh Centre, Camden

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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