Bow Locks, Ouroborous

Wingless little dragon spotted, in ouroborous pose, on a bridge near Bow Locks.

We did not anticipate the amount of debate about ‘what defines a dragon?’. (Do griffins count? What about wyverns? When does a serpent become a dragon? – in Latin there was no distinction between the two. Where do you stand on ‘the Nessie Question’?). We are currently consulting our experts and our biology textbooks, but where possible we will always err on the side of inclusion – both to be nice and also to show the biggest range of awesome beasties. ‘Dragon’ is a very broad umbrella term we apply to the species which actually exist in front of us – and the absence of a clear fossil record doesn’t make them any less real. As we now know: many dinosaurs had feathers: it doesn’t make them any less dinosaur-like.

Also, it is an incorrect assumption that a dragon must have wings – most species of Asian dragons are wingless, but they are clearly still dragons.

Anyway this little critter clearly has many prominent dragon features in snout and claws and we’re just delighted with it. Thank you to the anonymous dragon-twitcher who sent them in!

Species: Uncategorised, Asian Genus

Appearance: Transparent Dragon

Location: Bridge, Bow Locks, either Newham or Tower Hamlets

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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