Ginger Wine Dragons

Honourable mention for this bonded pair spotted by @trynottobreathe. Not architectural dragons, exactly, but as these little dragons do seem to nest exclusively on one brand of ginger wine bottle they can be spotted in many London supermarkets and corner shops. Gorgeous little breed which, as we understand it, are a little like hummingbirds: they move extremely fast (when they do move) and they live off of sweet, high-sugar liquids like nectar-producing flower or – in this case – ginger wine. If you ever spot one a little worse for wear please put it into the recovery position and leave some water nearby, and a quarter of an aspirin tablet if you have some to hand.

Species: Ginger Wine Dragons

Appearance: White dragon

Location: Off-licences, Supermarkets, Pubs.

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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