St Mary-le-Bow Church

We have been saving this one up for a long, long time. Meet one of the dragons which was so excellent, it kicked this whole project off: the St Mary-le-Bow dragon! This beauty is a whopping NINE FEET LONG and lives on top of the spire of St Mary-le-Bow church, Cheapside (etween Bank and St Paul’s). There have been churches on this site since Saxon times, but this fantast golden dragon seized this prime nesting spot in 1680, the year the tower of the church was finished. This is a Christopher Wren church, and was built as part of the reconstruction following the Great Fire of London.

This dragon has been living here since the year Blackbeard the pirate was born, and the year Pachebel wrote his Canon. This dragon has been here 94 years longer than the Declaration of Independence has been in existence! 🤯

Fun fact: this is the most cockney of all the dragons. Supposedly to be a true cockney you have to have been born within the sound of Bow Bells. As in St Mary-le-Bow. No one hears the bells louder, and this dragon loves a good knees-up when they ring.

Frequently mistaken for a weathervane, this dragon is a bit of a sun-worshipper and will rotate around to get the maximum possible sun. You have to be very eagle-eyed to catch a glimpse of her moving but she does occasionally. Usually to catch a pigeon or urban fox for her tea.

Species: OG Cockney Wren
Appearance: Magnificant, gold, Church Dragon
Location: St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside, City of London
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  1. Interesting you should mention Blackbeard — my best friend from school and her family have lived for many years in Blackbeards Cottage, near Dulverton in Somerset, where the pirate is supposed to have lived when he was not out pirating (or perhaps in his retirement?). I have no reports of dragons in the area…


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