Bright in Leake Street

What a huge and incredibly colourful dragon! Isn’t nature wonderful? Spotted in Leake Street by Instagram user @vincentedwardmanda. We’ve been sent a growing number of street art dragons lately and we’re really excited to share them with you over the next week and a bit – interspersed with examples of some of London’s more ‘traditional’ looking dragon populations.

Have you seen a dragon in the greater London area? See a dragon 👀🐉➡️ snap a dragon 📸🐲

Send it in to us and let us know where you spotted it. We attribute our sources (unless you don’t want to be attributed in which case obvs we respect that).

Species: Unknown
Appearance: Multicoloured, mostly Blue, Street Art
Location:Leake Street, Lambeth
Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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