Cádiz Memorial Canon Dragon

It’s an explosive dragon-spotting today, folks. It’s not often that a London dragon gets their own Wikipedia page, but the Cádiz Memorial dragon on Horse Guards Parade is one such beast.

This dragon has been flagged to us by Twitter user Dragon_dodo, but these fantastic shots are courtesy of Instagram user @mattlivseyhammond. Incredible stuff! This dragon is Grade II listed which means any repairs to his listing site, even the kennel at the back, need to go through lots of paperwork.

It’s a common misconception that dragons must by only scaly like modern reptiles but – much like we now know many dinosaurs had feathers – dragons are a complex and diverse bunch, many with feathery elements or even some tufts of fur as on this majestic example.

Species: Cádiz Kaboom
Appearance: Fearsome, Firepower, Black
Location: Horse Guards Parade, Westminster
Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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