Hoarde at the Tower of London

Over the bank holiday weekend many people are visiting London’s museums and galleries. If you go to the Tower of London you might be lucky enough to spot this unusual beauty.

Dragon-twitcher @robwillb spotted this and said it might be one of his favourite dragons. Living at the Tower of London this Armis Totiens Optare (armoured hermit crab dragon) has been able to make its temporary exoskeleton from the leftover weaponry. We suspect the Tower of London might want these pieces back, but since this breed frequently swaps and rebuilds it’s exoskeleton as it grows, the Beefeaters know it’s only borrowing the pieces.

Species: Armis Totiens Optare (armoured hermit crab dragon)

Appearance: Multicolour Dragon, Silver Dragon

Location: Tower of London, St Katharine’s & Wapping, Tower Hamlets

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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