Summer Plumage, Smithfield Meat Market

This building is Smithfield Meat Market, soon to become the new home of the Museum of London. At the moment the plentiful meat scraps have made this elaborate Victorian building home to at least five types of dragon. It’s not yet clear whether all these species will remain after the meat market closes – we’ll keep you posted.

However, we were very excited to spot that these Gigantis Red-Tipped Londoniums (relatives of the smaller, more common Red-Tipped Londonium) have their summer plumage already! At the moment, as you can see, they have bright, shiny silver wings and red claws. However, in colder months (with less daylight) their nails were not ‘manicured’ and their wings had a beautiful indigo shade instead.

Which season do you think suits them best? Trick question: they’re excellent all year around.

Species: Gigantis Red-Tipped Londinium, Welsh Genus

Appearance: Silver Dragon

Location: Smithfield Meat Market, Farringdon, City of London

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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