Stone Sentinels, Smithfield Meat Market

It’s been in the news today that Smithfield Meat Market will be relocating to Dagenham. Meanwhile the current building, which turned 150 years old last year, will become the new home of the Museum of London. The current location of Smithfield Meat Market has held markets since the 12th century. Naturally, the plentiful food sources have made this a prime place for a number of dragon species. We spotted families of this particular stone-camoflaging dragon nesting around every one of the building’s four towers. We’ll keep you posted on the local dragon population as the building changes purpose – and see whether the dragons choose to stay put or perhaps relocate to Dagenham along with their food source.

Species: Uncategorised

Appearance: Stone Dragon

Location: Smithfield Meat Market, Farringdon, City of London

Dragons by colour, Dragons by location

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