Rebellatrix Emplastrum in Camden Town

BLIMEY! Usually we praise our dragon-twitchers for spotting a well-hidden or high up dragon but in the case of this brightly coloured Rebellatrix Emplastrum it was hard to miss. Our massive thanks, nonetheless, to Twitter user Megan Rosslyn who snapped this dragon in Camden Town and sent it in.

Camden Town is famed for its large plasterwork shop fronts (many made by Big Stuff Design) which provide excellent cover for an actual dragon to hide in plain sight, provided it stays very, very still.

Much like the Smithfield Meat Market dragons, this beauty has sensibly chosen to stay where there is a plentiful source of food.

Originally found in Asian forests, this particular species of dragon changes colours seasonally. Currently its scales and plumage are leafy green shades for spring and summer, but we found a photo online from the autumn when it was displaying more sunset shades for better camouflage among the autumn leaves.

Species: Rebellatrix Emplastrum, Asian Genus

Appearance: Green Dragon, Multicolour Dragon, Orange Dragon.

Location: Camden Town High Street, Camden Town.

Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

Source: Wikimedia, taken by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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