Norwegian Loll-Tongued Soot Sprite

Meet the Norwegian Loll-Tongued Soot Sprite Dragon! Spotted on Basinghall Street, EC2

Named after their unusual tongues and their nesting locations, these tiny, shy beauties have lived in the UK for hundreds of years, but are very rarely found out in the open. They are much more commonly found nesting inside chimneys, where (unlike birds) they actually like the heat and come to no harm if fires are lit under them.

Records suggest that before the industrial revolution these small dragons were more of a deep green colour to blend in to woodland. However, as coal dust became omnipresent they evolved into a darker colour which more easily camoflaged with their coal-polluted surroundings.

Loll-Tongued Soot Sprites mostly eat small insects and, much like bats, they mostly find their food using echo-location. These are one of the dragon species who adapted fast to industrialisation and were said to enjoy the privacy afforded by the infamous ‘pea souper’ fogs of Victorian London – zipping about far closer to the street level than they ever would on a clear day.

Species: Norwegian Loll-Tongued Soot Sprites

Appearance: Black dragon

Location: Basinghall Street, City of London.

City of London Dragons, Black Dragons, Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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