Aquatic Lambton Creeper, National Gallery

Dragon-twitcher Sarah Bowerman spotted this voyeur bathhouse dragon and asked whether the Loch Ness Monster counts.

Firstly, clearly this water dragon is not the Loch Ness Monster: it’s not in Loch Ness, but also: it may well have feet – we can’t see much of it. The Latin for ‘serpent’ and ‘dragon’ were the same word: draco. As we have said a few times: ‘dragon’ is an umbrella term.

However: this dragon appears to be creeping and – if the women in the picture are not down with that: it’s not OK. .

Species: Aquatic Lambton Creeper

Appearance: Multicolour dragon

Location: Boris Anrep mosaic, National Gallery, Westminster

Westminster dragons, Multicolour dragons, Dragons by location, Dragons by Colour

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